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The Little More Girl

I finished her! Yay! She looks a lot different from the last post. What a difference a few hours can make. The Little More Girl has more hope and more ways to grow than she ever realized. I think part of my happy clap is the frog green dress she’s wearing. I also do a […]

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The Little Moore Girl in Loops, Lines and Pearls

I tend to work on many pieces at one time, including this little one here.  She was created by scribbling loops on the page, erasing in areas then connecting lines to picture this little girl. The other drawing in this entry was created by the same process of  loops, lines and pearls. Sketchbook art in […]

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Gloria and Éponine

When I painted little Gloria I was thinking about the production Les Miserable, about Éponine specifically. That character touches me. She loves intensely but quietly. She needs to be recognized yet she is always in the shadows. She has mastered her environment but her heart has been shielded from decay. She’s rough and fragile, equally. […]

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Red Balloon Has a Wall of It’s Own

Guess what was bartered today? Guess who gets a new home? Red Balloon! Good choice. The African American boy with blue accents around his eyes stands tall in front of a rainbow background. There’s a faint show of a crown of small, round lights circling young Sam’s head. Open the detailed image and look closely, […]

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Sister. Watch You Glow.

I hugged the lady very tight. She knows my sister. She gave me an update. My sister has locked herself in the apartment and there is still no movement, no contact, nothing has changed. They do know she was last seen in there. No phone activity, no FB activity. I hand wrote a letter to […]

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A Beautiful Day

“Beautiful Day” is a small acrylic painting of a little girl carrying a single flower walking through a meadow of wildflowers. When I first started this painting the little girl was at the top of a steep hill holding a small flower. She looked down to the single bud below. There was a decision to […]

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Redbubble Children’s Gallery

Redbubble is currently offering free standard shipping to United States for all orders over US$40.00. As of 9/24/17 this offer is still available. Here are a few of the images in the children’s gallery that you can take advantage of with the Redbubble free shipping promotion. Thank you for considering a Sundrip art piece for […]

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Strawberry Kisses. Painting with Food

After lightly spraying the surface of the paper, I laid on top two bags of Sweet and Spicy Tea. I then added blackberries and blueberries so that they could leave their mark on the surface. I allowed it to dry then added white watercolor paint to the surface. Small details were added such as the […]

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Purple Ribbon. Butterfly. Heart.

The sweetest little girl sits for her portrait in her lavender dress with a big purple heart. Her long red curls flow over her shoulders and hold a large, white carnation flower. The background image is a mix of blue, yellow and white. Water drops were added for texture. Above her head flies a purple […]

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How I Price My Art

I’d like to discuss how I come up with the prices for dolls, original acrylics, original oil paintings, large art, small art, etc. I had no clue what to charge when I first started offering art on Etsy or right here, however online guides have been helpful. One can google how much to charge when […]