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Beautiful Day

“Beautiful Day” is a small acrylic painting of a little girl carrying a single flower walking through a meadow of wildflowers.

When I first started this painting the little girl was at the top of a steep hill holding a small flower. She looked down to the single bud below. There was a decision to be made, will she keep what she knows or risk and live in the new? I answered my own question.

The young girl is now at the bottom of the hill where not one flower survives but a bountiful garden of lavender, green and soft yellow grows farther than she can see. She carries the first flower still, there was no reason to leave it behind, no reason to abandon all when moving forward.

The original of Beautiful Day found a wall of it’s own but you can find her in small to large size prints in my Redbubble  print shop. Wait ’till you see her on the tote bag and pillow. She’s adorable! “Beautiful Day” is what I like to call smile, feel good art.

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