Nesting Place

Abstract beginnings grew into a trio of birds resting in the hair of a young woman.

This Asian flair painting shows her rooted in the earth, facing forward at the flowers that stand tall.

There aren’t as many flowers as before, she might think, but there are indeed flowers.

Her purpose remains and is confirmed by those who have chosen to rest upon her head and make a home.

Lets take a look at some details.

“Nesting Place” is a 6.5 x 5 inches and is on heavy board. On the back of the board is an original, spontaneous writing which reads:

“Dull the memory of yesterday.
Free my heart today and forever.
Strengthen, please, my ability to
Look forward.”

Please respect the copyright and Please respect the art’s wishes. All rights reserved.

“Nesting Place” is an acrylic and ink painting that I started November 29th, 2015 (as noted on the back) but wasn’t finished until January 15th, 2016. She has been sealed in appropriate areas and would be best displayed behind glass. The surreal scene depicts three birds and two figures. The main face is in gold and gray tones, the second figure is in white near the third bird. Red, orange and turquoise are the predominant colors with purple, midnight blue and lime green as secondary colors.

Several years ago a gentleman stood before a painting on my easel and offered his thoughts on my unfinished work. It was the same advice I revived a year earlier. I was encouraged to make certain there is a place for the eye in each creation. Having a resting place for the eye means the brain can make sense of even the most complex abstract. I have been working on creating more balance in my art instead of just chaos. However, if chaos comes out then so be it, but on a painting that isn’t strictly art therapy, I try to remember positive criticism.

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