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Its your voice I’m listening for The gentle tone that brushes against the walls of my mind Sweeping away conclusions drawn And patterns formed When I was left on my own Inside my head, Behind this desperate divide. It’s your voice my heart yearns to hear Tuned to deep vibrations that spell out promises you […]

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It’s going to kill you

Reality is going to kill you. She takes her trip to the Netherlands and for what, to add it to the countries she’s visited. I wish she could visit reality. I wish she could see her true self in the mirror and then fade to nothing from the gravity of her errors, her crimes. I […]

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This is the only thing I have to explain where I was today and where my mind still is. I wrote this a few years back but my body is determined to live up to every line. Thunderstorm There’s a thunderstorm in my body. It’s not a hurricane or a tsunami that wipes everything out […]

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PTSD Isn’t Pretty

I posted a photo on my FB page about PTSD but later when I visited the page it linked back to, I erased it. There’s probably valuable information on the page so I do not fault it for that. I removed the link because of the memes and quotes….and how they landed this hour of the […]

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With all her imperfections

She’s a young one with sad eyes called “With all her imperfections.” Can you love her with all her imperfections? Can you forgive her moody ways, her tendency to frown instead of smile? Can you love her shyness, her uneven horizons? She spits out poetry like she’s on a stage show before college kids smoking herbal […]

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She Speaks The Dream

Let her scream. Let her sing Let her speak her dreams. Let her pant on, glide through waves of churning water and strike back at lighting. Let her eyes be open, her hands open Let her feel the wind. Let her rest on soft clouds. Take her home. Title: Mindscape – “She speaks the dream” Art […]

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What I Require – An answer to Cherished

what I require. gentle words, soft hands, moss under my feet, rocks to turn in my palms and run over my fingers. water to flow and fish to fly the purr of the cat and a pillow that doesn’t reveal my prayers. Fish in the air Fish wish to fly. They spread their wings in […]

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I Touched the Trees

I’ve been once again drawing trees obsessively. Before girl’s night with pizza and a movie, I cut out of here for a nature walk to the park. There were a few families there, separate from one another and weary of each other. There was an uneasiness I refused to be part of. I was there […]

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Therapy Review: Abuse. Sadism. Self Harm

The video is a quickly thrown together sound bite with several art pieces that fit the topic. Death of my brother as well as sexual abuse, suicidal ideation and self harm (cutting) are discussed along side art stills. Close to the end of the video one photo of a box of crayons is seen for several seconds, […]

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The Basics

Grey Elephants Pecan ice cream, pecan pie, cat fish. Comedy shows, dance, theater, the arts. Clothes, appearance. Languages. You were a dreamer and that irritated the heck out of me. A low tolerance for alcohol. Handwriting large and round; I always thought it strange. You rooted for the under dog and let everyone know. You’d […]