Goodbye flowers, hello cold.  It seems during the cold I’ve lost artistic inspiration so I filled my sketch diary with paintings inspired by lack of inspiration.

Goodbye sunny flowers. It’s oh so cold these days.

Goodbye flowers

The sun rays have left, they took with them my ability to create.

Cold Outside

At the table in my under pants I sit and wait.


On the bed with Bella purring softly I sit and wait.

Inspiration Blue

By the fire with wood a crackling yet I still cannot create.


Days will rush in and quickly disappear. No pens will mark. Crayons shall not color. Brushes on paper and needles with yarn sit in the cupboard with no artistic love.

Sun rises and sets

When oh when will my artistic touch return?

to be continued……..

Medium: Watercolor pencils, ink, crayola marker on paper
Art by: fma

One thought on “Diary of an Uninspired Artist

  1. When I showed these to Dr. D he asked if I live in a cottage.
    I think these colors are against the neighborhood association’s rules as is painting while in undies 🙂

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