White Fire Butterfly A fire white butterfly with wings wide open spans 4 inches on rich earth tone colors. Wine, turquoise, gold, burnt umber and a touch of burnt orange makes the butterfly really pop off the 5 x 7 canvas board. The wings have been tipped with powder blue and edged with gold.
Texture. Texture is key to this piece. I handmade the stamps that created the texture. By layering stamps with acrylic paint I was able to get a blend of colors that’s not too much and not too little.

With its matching mat it has an elegant appeal.


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It is currently framed in a gold beveled frame that looks really nice. The frame is not included in the sale but the matching mat is. It’s too perfect of a match to not include it. The color is the exact same as the wine seen in the painting. The mat is beveled showing a bit of white that accents the fire white butterfly. The mat is perfect. I NEVER offer my mats but this one is supposed to be with it, so there you go. The mat comes with the painting.

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