Thunderstorm d1In addition to the emotional process of creating this painting, there is a storm of art mediums. I do enjoy experimenting with different types of media.


In this 6 x 9 painting on paper, I’ve mixed acrylic with sawdust and sand. There is also ink and gel with a final matte acrylic seal. If you put all that together and mix it up on sketchbook paper, you get the aftermath of a thunderstorm.

In the painting you see a black face woman with lips and eyes like the sea. Her hair flows into the waves and becomes them. Her body floats until it too becomes part of the sea. You see the burning of the salt and the sun and her yearning for land. There is wave after wave after wave with the impending boom and resulting lightening. Or is has the lightening already shown itself in her eyes?

Now that we’ve talked about the painting, lets talk art mediums. What I’ve recently discovered in new mediums is something I’ve had here for about a month now and that’s canvas board. It’s difficult to explain why I like it. It’s even more difficult to explain why I like board more than paper, but will always go back to paper. It’s not the texture or the feel of the canvas that I like. I like that it’ll take more of a beating than paper but that’s not ‘the thing’ either. It’s like its somehow more tangible than paper making the finished art piece feel…. different. Its the same feeling I get when I sketch in a hard bound sketchbook as opposed to a spiral sketchbook. There is a finality to it that the latter does not offer.

Here we are again at paper. I love it. I love the way it feels, the way different paper accepts the media. I love the sound of the brush on paper, the sound of pen on paper. That may be why my first love is and always will be paper – the art is musical.

I look forward to creating more hard to explain media conflicts. ๐Ÿ™‚
Until again

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