Suppose I Could Fly V3

It’s a brutal war to fight one’s mind and body, but that is what I do with chronic pain and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. My body fights to keep going. I feel as if I’m losing that battle. My mind fights itself. I sometimes wish to wave the white flag.

But what if, suppose I could overcome some small part of this turmoil? Suppose I could learn even more coping skills, even more ways to overcome and have a better quality of life? Suppose I could.

This painting is the third and final piece from a series called Suppose I Could Fly. She’s a young girl with dreadlocks looking straight forward. Her eyes are tired but she’s determined to pull through. She holds on to the flowers beside her with strength and a vow, she will continue on, she will let her inner self fly.

ART TITLE: Suppose I Could Fly Version Three
ART BY: Faith Magdalene Austin
MEDIUM: Mixed media, acrylic, glue, paper, dye cut butterfly, ink
SIZE: 10.5 inches by 6.5 inches on textured card stock, mounted on black board.

I paint what’s on my mind. Sometimes the images have strong meaning and convey a lot of pain. It is a release to paint. If its a happy painting then I happily share it with the canvas and with you. If it’s an emotional painting I’ve freed myself and can choose to shared it. Whatever I paint, for whatever reason, it is an emotional experience. It is an experience I shared with the viewer in the raw.

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