To the extent that I managed to translate the emotions into images– that is to say, to find the images which were concealed in the emotions– I was inwardly calmed and reassured.

Had I left those images hidden in the emotions, I might have been torn to pieces by them….

Carl Jung

Divided as a Whole SOLD

If I didn’t paint MY WAY, I’d lose my mind. If I didn’t pick up a brush or pencil I’m not quite certain how I’d express deepest emotion. Art is the best medium when there are no words or when words aren’t good enough. 

When I paint pieces like Divided as a Whole seen above, I don’t attempt to ‘read’ it until several days later. This isn’t true of a painting called Stay in which I journaled the whole time I painted.

It’s wonderful to hear that others take art therapy seriously and consider it healing. It’s validating to hear this because I’ve always said I feel in color and I am most open and honest when you hand me canvas. I never knew just how many understand the power of creating something tangible.  I’ve always felt a little bit silly saying I do art therapy and a little bit ashamed of describing emotions behind my art. For a very long time I refused to put art up here that seemed sad or out there and over the top because I didn’t want people to think I’m crazy. Funny thing is, art is the reason I’m not crazy.


Art work: SOLD

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