Elements FMA

It can be difficult to know what to name some paintings. I sat and looked at this one and began to name the things I saw. Well, there’s most certainly a large moon with detailed gold rim, water that rapidly moves and spills onto red earth. In the background could those be trees or the mountains or are there individuals taking time to feel the cool grass and be refreshed by the water? After I named all the natural elements the tile became clear: Elements.

The other note on this painting is that it is the second painting of 10 in a personal challenge to finish abstract paintings. Abstract work of this kind goes completely against my nature. I am challenging myself to go outside my comfort zone for just a little bit. Ten pieces will be created to complete the challenge. Elements is painting number two and is noted as such with the signature.

The painting called Elements is a small piece measuring 6 inches by 4 inches on Strathmore watercolor paper. For purchase details please see the link on my sidebar to my Etsy store. This painting is available as postcards and greeting cards in my Redbubble print shop. Please see the link on the sidebar.

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