Waiting for Magic fma

At 7 x 5 inches this painting packs an emotional punch for me. The pallet is gold, green and hues of blue. Fire swirls, water climbs and falls, mist hangs and a young girl in a white dress sits by the bank waiting for something big to happen. This painting is highly textured, is full of energy and wonder.

What does this painting symbolize? The painting is about sitting and waiting for the impossible to happen until finally the moment arrives when you realize waiting for change or waiting for advancement is not an option. Hoping someone else will have an answer is no longer an option. The painting is about the time when you no longer wait for someone else to make things better. You realize you’ve got to free yourself from dependence on the norm and find a new path.

This freedom from the norm is bittersweet. How sad it is when you realize you’ve waited for an answer that isn’t going to arrive. It’s a release to get up and find that answer. It’s heartbreaking to think you of how long you walked the walked, followed every detail to the letter but got nowhere. And then again, there is the freedom from ever having to go back ‘there’ again and seek what is not there. I hope I made sense. Waiting for Magic is bittersweet in that its about letting go and starting on a new and perhaps a better path. But loss is loss and it hurts. It hurts even when what is before you may be a better gift.

Title: Waiting for Magic   SOLD
Medium: Acrylic, gel,
7 x 5 heavy card

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