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CNA and Self Confidence

The first CNA they sent me didn’t work out. I’m not sure what the company was thinking. Here’s the text sent to a friend who is still in the nursing home dealing with CNA’s, nurses and roommates from hell. “Oh Lord! My new CNA is 70 years old. I was like, what? Who sends a […]

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Not Your Problem Girl

I’m not your Problem Girl anymore. And no, I’m not Silent anymore. Digital art by fma

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PTSD Isn’t Pretty

I posted a photo on my FB page about PTSD but later when I visited the page it linked back to, I erased it. There’s probably valuable information on the page so I do not fault it for that. I removed the link because of the memes and quotes….and how they landed this hour of the […]

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Where is your daughter?

She: Where’s your daughter? She, too: She’s right here. She: No, I meant the pretty one. . Oil stick on 98lb art paper, on the easel. . Ink on 98lb artists paper – on the easel. My Etsy shop has been updated with the watercolor and ink two page spread called “Mind Maze”. Faith

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Wash Away

 . Ink on paper. She was drawn in ink then streams of water were added. I scanned her before I changed her. There’s more color around her now. Jordan

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If I could speak to you freely – Ugly Girls

I realized the other day that I know very little about my mother’s childhood other than the abuse. I know they traveled extensively. I remember the house and was absolutely impressed with the basement and it’s many rooms and how it lead to the backyard. There are good memories from my grandmother’s house yet very […]

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She Never

My great aunt was so ugly as a child that my great grandmother made her wear a veil when they left the house. She wore that veil in public until she was nine years old. My grandmother wasn’t wanted so my great grandmother held the infant out then let go. She dropped her and broke her […]

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Dorothy in the Meadow

This small painting shows a young girl with droopy eyes and blue hanging above them. Cardinals and birds of strange feathers hold her braids like ribbons. Together in the meadow of wildflowers they find quiet solace. Dorothy is a multi-media collage art piece on heavy card stock. The birds are hand cut and placed in her […]

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Elements an Abstract Painting

It can be difficult to know what to name some paintings. I sat and looked at this one and began to name the things I saw. Well, there’s most certainly a large moon with detailed gold rim, water that rapidly moves and spills onto red earth. In the background could those be trees or the […]

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Pamela – Ugly Girl

I started this piece in 2010 but didn’t finish it until this 2014. I couldn’t figure out exactly where to go with it so I put it up. I pulled it out and returned it to a sleeve at least three times until one day it hit me, I know what to do. Please let […]