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Mental Illness and Demons

My neighbor has Schizophrenia. A different neighbor says it’s not a mental illness but that he has demons. She inaccurately applied Scripture, which I quickly corrected, but its still on my mind and still bothers me. She has no idea what comments like that do to a person with a mental illness. Though I corrected […]

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Black and White

Finding artwork created by alter personalities used to happen quite a bit. I thought it was strictly a thing of the past but I guess I was wrong. It would seem that I still find art I don’t know a thing about. I was quite shocked to see the piece called My Sister in the […]

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The Mental Health Toll of President Donald Trump

As I understand it, there has been an increase in reports of emotional triggers caused by the active abuser known as the 45th President of the United States. His inauguration has increased the stress level of people with depression as well as survivors of abuse. Why? Because his narcissism, public shaming, paranoia and threats, mirror […]

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While They’re Away. Sketches and Bible Reading Progress.

Progress in reading. Friends are away. I have no idea how it got to be 7:30 am without a wink of sleep, but it’s here and I’m wide awake. I can recount all I’ve done. I’ve been rather productive, it’s just that it doesn’t seem as though it should be so late. My closest friends […]

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Sketchbook #3 – Mindscapes in Pencil and Watercolor

These are recent entries in my personal sketchbook. They’re mindscapes – an artists version of a CAT scan. I’ve done my best to toss out the notion that I must create something beautiful. I have to stop feeling as if I must please viewers with a masterpiece or outdo myself. I have to stop thinking […]

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With all her imperfections

She’s a young one with sad eyes called “With all her imperfections.” Can you love her with all her imperfections? Can you forgive her moody ways, her tendency to frown instead of smile? Can you love her shyness, her uneven horizons? She spits out poetry like she’s on a stage show before college kids smoking herbal […]

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Paint Sketch and Alter

“She dreams of flowers” “Her fullest potential” “The Girl” in apostrophe earrings.

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Sketches and Pieces in Black and White

Heartbeat is in my sketchbook. She’s 7 x 10 in ink and pencil. I’m going to have her enlarged before further work. Her heartbeat comes from her temples and stretches out to form the surface of the earth. Trees and flowers grow from her heartbeat. . . She Realizes Her Totality This is a half sheet […]

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Therapy Review: Suicidal Ideation. Safety Checks

I was awake until 9 am then got up and got ready for therapy. It reminded me of my college years where I had severe insomnia but I could get up, shower, get dressed, eat and be out of the house in a very short period of time. It was an odd day. The weather […]

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Where is your daughter?

She: Where’s your daughter? She, too: She’s right here. She: No, I meant the pretty one. . Oil stick on 98lb art paper, on the easel. . Ink on 98lb artists paper – on the easel. My Etsy shop has been updated with the watercolor and ink two page spread called “Mind Maze”. Faith