Ah, it’s time to start really thinning things out at home. I’ve tackled one corner of my room that has been bugging me for a good long time. It’s the space where I hold all my old art journals and writing journals.

art by FMAustin

A person can only have so much art before it starts to come out of places it shouldn’t, so I’m cleaning out the studio. Here’s what I’m doing, as much as it hurts to do so, some complete art journals are being tossed out while some are being kept. Some that are being thrown away have drawings taken out of them that I’ll keep.

As far as the journals that are being kept, they’re being stored in a waterproof and air tight container. The individual pieces are stored in a filing system thingamabob. In a day or two I will start scanning the individual pieces then put them up on Etsy.

I’ve still got a ton of art that I swear I’ll get to one day, that’s being stored in its own container. I’ve got 5 that stack very neatly in the closet. However, I’ve got other containers.  I’ve got a container of fabric, doll clothes and half made dolls. I’ve got sewing items that need to be organized, clay works that need to be organized, on and on and on. This studio needs an overhaul and it’s about to get it. The first thing I’m working with is the art because there’s just so much of it. I’ve got drawings going back to 1992, I mean seriously… this has got to thin out.

What you will find is that I’m not going to end my Etsy store but expand it. Yeah, I know right? I was going to sell exclusively from here but I don’t see that as feasible for me, not any time soon. The Etsy store is going to go from having around 50 items to around 150+ . It’ll take me a bit to get the art up there but it’ll get up there. Many pieces are art therapy, some as simple drawings.

I’ve got an African doll in purple, a young man made of clay and a variety of other art pieces that will be offered on Etsy. I’ll offer a limited amount of destash type items such as cut out butterflies and such. I’m mainly focusing on the art that’s in the journals and art that I finish as I take on the monumental task of managing the quantity of art on hand. I’ve gotta make room for more art………

No need to feel nervous, comment if you'd like.