Art and the explosion of emotion

I tried everything I could to photograph, scan or whatever to get this painting to show its true face. I thought because of its online presentation it might be with me awhile, not so.

Passion Flower She now has a wall of her own.
Passion Flower
She now has a wall of her own.

Passion Flower will go to its new home and will take along with it the little girl with the funny feet called Dandelion Fields. These two paintings now have a wall of their own.

Daiseys Valley Pay it Forward
Daiseys Valley Pay it Forward

Is my dry spell over? Let us hope so. No matter what, I will keep painting and posting.

Recently I started reading more poetry blogs along with survivor blogs. I can’t help myself, poetry and art blogs are addictive. I’m happy I can’t be seen reading. Lol. Sometimes my hand covers my mouth in shock, something I turn off the tablet, roll to the side and cry. The worst is when I leave a comment. They’re usually full of emotion, very alive! Later I’m a little embarrassed I was so emotional but that doesn’t stop me from returning. Lol

I’m not sure if other artists have felt this way when seeing a piece of work, but sometimes the brush strokes, the colors, lighting and composition result in conflicting feelings. Part of my senses are exposed while another feels peace as I follow the blending, the hues and shapes. This happened yesterday while viewing a painting called Tempest. If all I have to do is see art and read to come alive, one can only imagine the emotional explosion that takes place on my own canvas. Passion Flower is a good example of such an explosion.

Sun Up
Sun Up
I have a wall of my own.

I like art and it’s what I do for a living but other than in the studio area, I have surprisingly little art in the house. I suppose the art I have comes from nature itself in the form of plants, fish and dried flowers.

Ah, the lemongrass looks great, both mint plants are coming along and my sweet potato vine is growing a mile a minute. It was worth saving up for plant growing lights.

Japanese green tea awaits. Gotta go.


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