Twelve 5/24/16
8.5 x 11, Acrylic and Pencil, Paper

I’m always just strokes away from finishing a project, it’s the same with the painting Twelve. I have a hand full of tiny details to do, then she will be finished. After her I’ll work on one more of my pieces about this size then move into the larger paintings. The two paintings up next are at the end of the post.

My studio looks like the spoils of a police stings from the war on art supplies. I can just see a police officer putting his foot on my chair, and holding an extra large paint brush as he takes a selfie.

Perhaps it’s only that great to me. I may be a bit biased but I love my little studio and I love the

Total and complete DISASTER ZONE
As long as I paint it’ll never be clean. May it never be clean.

privacy of it. My living room used to share space with the studio but I really don’t want everyone and their brother to see every single thing I paint every time I paint something. Besides, I can destroy this little corner by painting one 5 x 7. I don’t want people to see how bad it actually gets when I start working. Having it in my bedroom gives me privacy which gives me the comfort to paint and hang whatsoever I please. 

When talking about the studio we can’t leave out the mascot, Mary Jane. I actually have photos of her when she’s not nesting or sleeping. One photo of her may hint at some of my sleep difficulties.

.MJ profile black . MJ profile vampire .

I’m 2 hours past quitting time but that’s okay I guess. I’ll be up for a good long time, I’m sure of it. Tomorrow afternoon I finally get the medication for the side effects of the steroids. Also tomorrow I will go and visit as many blogs as I can, but that won’t be until the evening.  Alright, the work day is over, time to relax.

I am content.


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