The cat is not included in the sale. A simple black and white tree with branches that reach wide, up and out
open to color or satisfied with where he is at this stage of being.
A simple black and white tree ever growing, keeping his arms open to freedom and possibilities.
Will it bloom pink flowers or produce fruit in its season?
Will it stand by the water and drink its fill or
Create its place in the yard of a family to shade the loved ones inside?
It’s a simple sketch.
A simple black and white sketch.
Sometimes simple is exactly what we need.

Art Title: A Tree
Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin
Size: 9.5 x 14 on artists paper
Medium: Ink
Finish: Unsealed, unmounted, raw art
Style: Illustration, Organic

Ink Tree, A TreeI draw trees a lot, a whole lot. Drawing trees or sunflowers is soothing for me. They’re my go to item when I’m emotional but clogged up and unable to express myself better. I think after drawing them I’m more relaxed which does allow me to either speak freely or paint with purpose.

This tree is one of my bare trees. I hardly ever draw them with leaves. I think I’m more interested in the intricacies of the branches than I am of the leaves. The bark on trees is a magnificent work of art and a nice hiding place for tiny little lives. Man, trees sustain so much life.

I was told that in art therapy the tree usually symbolizes the one who drew it. I’ve known that for a while which is why some of my trees have twists and turns inside, with people in the knots and close to the roots. However, this particular sketch was left open, no people.

The tree is open to whatever comes next. It can stand as is and be content or it can have a sky and water as companions. It’s branches reach wide and upward bound. That’s the part I like the most.

The ink tree can be found in my Etsy shop along with a few other new items.

Oh, good news. It looks like people are taking advantage of the Pay it Forward items. I was able to place The Rainbow Tree seen in the photo gallery. The Blossom Tree was sold a bit ago.  I was so happy when I saw the order for the Rainbow Tree. This year’s goal is to offer 5 Pay it Forward art pieces. Two pieces have been placed so far. Look for them.

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