Sam's Red Balloon I recently purchased a pallet box to hold more watercolors. In one area I selected

colors based on what I use most but on the other side I put colors I need more work with. For the most part, I enjoy watercolors but at times I swear it off saying I’ll never, ever try this media again.

There was a mishap that took place that required damage control. You know those water paint pens? Well, see, no one told me I was supposed to put only water in there. I thought I was to fill the barrel with ink or paint so that’s what I did. Later on I saw in blog entries that they were not used that way. I tried to clean them up as well as possible but it didn’t turn out so great. I was able to clean and save one barrel but all the brush tops.

On several occasions I saw a similar product in the children’s section of Hobby Lobby where the barrels were full. Oh well. At least I’ve got a barrel and all the brushes.

Sam's Red Balloon I like using the watercolor brush pens while in bed. I can use wet media without an open container of water that can get knocked over. It’s portable which means I can take it to therapy, paint during sessions and know I won’t create a mess.

Watercolor brush pens are disability friendly :-). They even stand up to misuse lol. I just switch tips on the one barrel that was salvageable. lol. Ya live and ya learn.

If there’s anything I should know about this pallet box please let me know. lol. The little containers have individual lids and then there’s a lid that goes over all of it. Not everything in the box is watercolor.

I painted little Sam in watercolor with a red balloon floating above. The African American boy with blue accents around his eyes is sullen, yet he stands tall in front of a rainbow background. There’s a faint, faint show of a crown of small lights around this young boy’s head. Open the detailed image and look closely, you’ll see it. Sam will be framed on my wall until he finds a new home.

Art Title: Sam’s Red Balloon
Size: 8.5 x 5.5
Media: watercolor, 98 lb paper
Finish: unsealed, unmounted
Style: African Americana, Black Folk

3 thoughts on “Sam’s Red Balloon and the Great Pen Incident

  1. I’ve seen some people put colors in the water pens. I use them most with my watercolor pencils and crayons. I brush the tip along the tip of the pencil/crayon to pick up color.

    1. I put acrylics in there which dried then wouldn’t wash out. It was a total nightmare.

      Do you draw with your watercolor pencils? That’s usually how I do it, drawing first then think of where I want this or that color.

      For me to plan out a piece of work is hard. With watercolor I’ve had to do a lot more planning than normal. It’s been a good exercise in going outside of my norm.

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