Walk with Me Paint has dripped down the canvas like rain, sheets and layers of bold rain. Every color of the rainbow can be found mixed in, behind, in front of and between two young girls who are opposites.

Why did I create this painting? Walk with me was painted after making a major decision. Part of me was afraid to move forward, to take the step while another part was more confident and with both hands welcomed a resolved and united mind. One figure (a part of me shown in white) feared the decision. There were so many hesitations, dread and worry. The other part of me (shown in black with two hands bringing the other side closer) also felt dread and worry but wanted the change in order to stop other dread and worry.

I’ve painted life. I’ve painted the mixed emotions we all have. I’ve painted how a person chooses the lesser of two evils, walks through the fire and hopes beyond everything they’ve made the right decision.

I paint with intensity and soul and it comes through on the painting with texture, color, space and lines.

Art by Faith Magdalene Austin
Art Title: Walk with Me           .GIFTED / SOLD.
7.5 x 11.5 canvas sheet, acrylic and gel medium.  See my ETSY link on the sidebar for purchase details. 

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