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After yesterday's twisters, hail and strong winds, today the state was shown mercy. Its rained and rained and rained, but we all kept our roof tops. Glass port holes that give us a glimpse of the outside world were not blown out, nor were cars pelted or farm animals fearful. Today Indiana was shown mercy. This got me thinking about a poem written a few years back.

Sunplay - Available
Sunplay - Available

The Rains

You pray and dance your rituals,
Created a god to whom you offer sacrifices In exchange for a promise
That the rain will fall.
For the harvest must be full
And the tide must pull just right.

I could bring in the breeze with a few clouds to break the sun’s sting, or
Shower upon a land fire and cut off its hunger for power.
When dry grass gulps from drops that make your windowsills ping,
I hear no sigh of relief.
Why did you wait so long?
Why didn’t you save the trees and
Why did you let destruction take so many? ...continue reading "The Sky is Still Falling – The Rains"


Lineage fmaThis painting started as pull art. I created a painting using the drip art technique then looked at it if for a few days. As I was walking by I saw an eye. I quickly drew it in, then the lips and the nose. Days later the painting developed into an ancient woman growing her roots, spreading out the lines of history in her hair.

Once I knew what I wanted to paint I began to think about how people talk about wanting a new start or reinventing themselves. It occurred to me that more than not, the choice to reinvent ourselves is thrust upon us. Time changes, other people change the course of our lives for good or bad. In these ways, we are given the opportunity to change ourselves for the better.

...continue reading "Lineage"


One of the difficulties with me is that medications stop working after a bit. With the new treatment I had 3 or 4 days where the pain was a level 7 or sometimes a six. I call that a great day. I'm getting a day week at an eight which is manageable, it's when I climb toward that 9 that things get ugly. In the last month I've hit a ten 3 times. Once I didn't need to take the "lights out" medication because I laid down and was gone!

I told him about what the guy from Flickr said, to let my mind float down into my pencil. I told Dr. D that its frightening to let go. The guy who suggested I let my mind float down into the pencil, has art that looks like an X-ray of my head. One piece is full of movement from edge to edge. Images seemed to struggle with one another for space. I really liked that piece. I'm reminded of the scribble drawings by a Boho chick out in the desert. She calls her scribbles intuitive. They're amazing though.  ...continue reading "Therapy Review: Art. Lupus. Soccer."


You could say I'm ready for spring and summer to come along.
When I look at this painting it makes me think of water coming down a window during a hard rain. It washes away the darkest parts of the day and leaves you with a bit of hope.
I look at this painting and see the woman in the dead center, hardly noticeable really. She's caught in the darkest parts of the colors. Deep red, black, deep blue, more black and crackle medium to bring out the fragile state of life. She's hardly noticeable, but she's there and she's waiting for the rain to get to her.

If you're an artist and you've not yet tried letting paint drip down a canvas, you've got to try it. You'll be hooked. Of course your own style will affect the final piece as my style comes through. I tend to hide people in my art or twist them into trees or layer them in mountains.

...continue reading "Sunplay – Waiting on the Rain"

Walk with Me Paint has dripped down the canvas like rain, sheets and layers of bold rain. Every color of the rainbow can be found mixed in, behind, in front of and between two young girls who are opposites. ...continue reading "Walk with Me"

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