Mary Jane and the “Fang Fund”

Mary Jane needs another extractions. Her other fang needs to come out and other teeth need to be cared for.

One photo shows her with a fang already removed, the second photo is of my old cat on an old chair with an old soft toy and an old blanket.

As forward as it is, I want to say that any art sales from here on will go to the “Fang Fund” which needs $250.00. I will update the monetary need and I will continue to make art available in the following locations.

Need is now $211

*Available Art” galleries here on Sundrip


If you would like to donate even a buck you may send that donation to my PayPal email address at

(Please do not make purchases from Redbubble as I will not receive funds in time to meet Mary Jane’s needs)

When the $250 has been raised through sales and/or donations, I  remove the note for need. $50 of the needed funds is what I currently owe the vet. $200 is for the full dental work and the other extraction.

Mary Jane is 16 years old and in good health, except for her teeth. She is in a lot of pain, pain I didn’t realize was there until the emergency vet visit the other day.
Thank you,

No need to feel nervous, comment if you'd like.