This is the third and final piece in the series called Renewed.

Power : Renewed by FMA

Title:  Power
Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin
Stats: 5×9, acrylic paint, ink, crackle medium. The painting was first hand sealed then given an acrylic over lay seal. She is painted on mulberry paper mounted to an up-cycled foam board. ‘Power’ has been signed on the front and back.

The painting displayed shows a young woman masked in turquoise, royal purple and gold. She’s looking forward with strength. Her white hair flows behind her and is holding one large sun and 5 small ones. She has bursts of red and white above and in front of her. Her body is divided into gold, red, turquoise and green. Her mind is full of complexities as seen by the abstract forms that twist and wind in her hair.

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