What I thought I might do on this blog is from time to time toss up an entry under “Artist’s Thoughts.” I’ll do short entries about what goes through my mind when I’m painting, when I’m not painting and all sorts of things that I think in relation to art. The entries will be simple and to the point. I hope people will feel free to comment and throw in their two cents worth.
Here’s the first one.

Sometimes there’s no motivation to paint a specific subject matter, and I don’t seem to get myself over to links that offer inspiration. What I end up doing is coming up with simple ways on my own of  ‘get my paint on’.

Today I took scraps of white fabric and painted them various solid colors. I allowed them to dry and stored them away for later use as cut outs. I often add embellishments to art pieces, so these colored pieces of fabric can easily become floral cut outs, butterflies, houses, people, or what ever it is I need.

I accomplished two things by slapping down solid colors on white cloth. I was able to see color fill space AND I stocked up on media for collage work.  Though I didn’t paint a picture and there was no masterpiece to frame and display, I still had a productive paint session.

The cat shown here is waiting for that final touch that lets me know she’s done. She’s an odd thing, a white cat twisted up in a swirly red dress. She needs one more tiny thing and I know it. As soon as I find out what it is she’ll be done. If I run out of inspiration for her and other projects I’ll keep creating simple works that satisfy my need to slap down paint. When the inspiration comes I’ll have supplies ready to nurture that creativity.

No need to feel nervous, comment if you'd like.