It's worth the effort to bloom


This is not my usual type of art but, one must reach out from time to time right?  Here is how this painting grew. I took a paper bag from a grocery story that had a tree already on it. I painted the tree with circle branches and tiny little leaves on just a few branches. The sky is blue but not clear. Flowers stand tall, dragonflies spread their beauty and leave streams of who knows what. I haven’t decided what the streams are, but they flash behind them like light in a magical way.

One thing about this painting is that is all goes in a circle. The composition is set up so that the painting leads the eye in a circle. I won’t call it the circle of life, but I’ll say that it’s a circle of completion of meeting oneself either coming or going.

Of course there are sunflowers, but there are also tiny little white flowers. Still the main focus is the tree of hope that swirls and tangles but still stands tall and beautiful. That’s the point. It swirls, it tangles but it stands.

its worth the effort d1

This is the second painting of its kind; I’m positive there will be more with this exact phrase. I may find an old newspaper, a sheet of music, a magazine page or some such thing and be moved to paint how worth it is to continue to move forward.


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