Rooted Hearts 1 an ETSY Treasury

Ah yes, another treasury list on ETSY. This is a two part treasury which includes paintings, jewelry and vessels. There are twenty four pieces in all. Today I’ve opened up part one.

Rooted Hearts Double Treasury 
Is dedicated to our grandfathers, our roots and our sense of being.
For the beautiful woman, for turquoise, bone and copper.
For warriors and gentlemen.
For our children.
For beads used to adorn, and vessels to hold our hearts.
Rooted, we are.

The letter sent to all twenty four artists explained the premise of the treasury in this way. It is an artistic arrangement of ethnic women and men in their ever changing form. I have included art and jewelry of different styles but have kept the theme to specific colors such as turquoise, copper, abstract linear art, beads and vessels.

Some of the treasury tags you might notice hopefully shows that the treasury is a peaceful, international and uplifting arrangement. The artists are from Texas to the Netherlands, Kenya to Chicago as well as from France, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus in Eastern Europe. It is an international gathering of art to promote the beauty of our roots which ground and nurture our future.

Please visit part one of Rooted Hearts by clicking the link. Rooted Hearts 2 is here.  You will also find it’s link listed under my Etsy profile.

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