Butterfly Embellishments

Ohhhh I’ve been having fun.

I have dried leaves that I use in different art projects. The other day I decided to try to cut a butterfly out of the dried leave. It worked!!

Butterfly Leaves
Then I began cutting butterflies out of what I like to call, art gone wrong. It’s the art piece that didn’t make sense to keep working on but could be used in different ways. Sometimes I’ll use my exacto knife and remove parts of the art I want to keep like figures, flowers, shading, on and on. This week I decided to cut butterflies from pieces of art gone wrong. I like how they turned out.

Purple Royal

Purple Royal Set

Butterflies are enchanting by nature, festive, cheerful and inspirational.

I have used some of these butterflies as a display around plants. I put them directly on the wall. I have them around the edges of the window where the top of the curtains are. They do well on the wall, in scrapbooks, art journals, decoupage and collage work.

Pastel on Duck

Pastel on Duck

The duck painting was created by using tea as a backwash and watercolor paints. It is not included in the offer.


Sunset Butterfly Set

You might ask yourself, why are there squares, circles and triangles included in some of the butterfly sets? Well, perhaps you’d like to make a name tag or cut out dots that match the butterflies. You might want to add your own design and cut it out of what was left of the paper. The shapes are for your creative fun.

Pastel on Duck and Sunset have not yet been posted in my Etsy shop but the other three have.



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