Artist Thoughts: Let go and let art

I’m finding more and more that I like abstract paintings. I visit galleries online to see how they’re doing it, how they’re setting themselves free to do their abstract work. I call abstract freedom because when I look at them its almost as if the artist said, forget all that is tangible, all that can be explained away and let me put on canvas my very soul.

I’ve visited a few galleries today and had my breath taken away. I really like abstract and have been practicing. The thing is, I never know when an abstract painting is done. I used to ask myself that question but I think I know now. It’s very much like my sketchbook paintings and art therapy paintings. The piece is done when it feels right. I tend to over think my art which I feel I was doing with abstract work. I also thought I had to do it a certain way. I’ve seen so many styles of abstract that it lets me know that I need to let go and let art. I was being too stuffy, holding myself back. What I’ve seen today and other days tells me its time to stop constantly thinking there’s a certain way to do things. I need to let myself feel the freedom that abstract art brings.

Here are links to some fo the galleries visited today. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Wiljansen on Flickr shows beautiful stroke work and a wonderful eye for composition and color in abstract work.

Andradef8 has Crazy in his gallery which is a primal, back to the basics kind of art which I love.

Peter Seelig is one of my favorite artists. I appreciate his line work. More of it can be found here.

I also visited The art of Stefan Krikl.  I’ll tell you what, the main reason I went to his Flickr gallery is because of how I viewed his profile name. It’s almost as if when I see it I read, the art of being Stefan Krikl. I don’t know. Its the name of his Flickr site that first brought me there but the art itself that will make me a regular visitor.


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