Marabelle - SOLD“Marabella the Lovely One” is quiet and shy. She spends her mornings picking wild flowers and sitting under shade trees watching the birds. She sits tall and perfect in her little red checked dress with buttons and cream colored bloomers. She’s got rag ribbons in her black hair which can be worn very short or extended in areas for a more shaggy yet adorable look. Her shoes are black with white laces created with fabric paint. Her eyes are full of feeling, wide and open as she takes in all the beauty around her.

Doll stats: 18 inches, hand made, hand painted features, solid black skin with blue eye shadow and long eye lashes. Her features have been hand painted, her hair was sewn in strand by strand. Marabelle is proud to be made of 90% recycled materials. A small signature appears on her bum with the number 33. Marabella is doll number 33 in the Charlene Doll Collection.

Marabelle is currently in my Etsy shop awaiting adoption. Please see the Etsy link on the sidebar or contact me for PayPal payment. Contact information is also on the sidebar.  SOLD

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