The Birds 1These are the first little clay sculptures I’ve done in years. I started working with clay as physical therapy for my hands and found that I thoroughly enjoy it.

The three bird candle holders shown were all done completely differently. The first bird starting from the far left is  clay with a porcelain overlay. The middle bird is only clay and the blue bird to the far right of the screen was sculpted from paper clay. All were air dried and hand painted then sealed with a high gloss acrylic seal. Also included in the photo is the sign that hangs on my fish tank hospital which says, “Fish Care Center: Where Fins Get Fixin’ “  I have a separate little tank for little sick fishes and that’s the sign that hangs on that tank. It’s too cute.

The square piece in the very last photo (sitting beside the shameless promotion of the 6×9 print of Watch Over Our Children) is my very first ever 4 x 4 clay tablet filled with tan lined paper. When I made the book I wanted to write something in it so I tossed together a quick little poem.

The Birds 2.The Birds .


I long to write a poem to christen my new notebook
Between thin blue lines in perfect penmanship, letters standing as if with purpose
As if they were in the one and only place they ever wanted to be
Together they stand, captivating, heart felt.
Genuine are these words written not with pen but the soul
A soul lifted by the wind and carried across the page
To form a picture of the deepest parts of my being.
I long to write a poem.
I have a new notebook.

F. Magdalene Austin
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