I’ve been at it again. Yesterday the need to create something 3D came over me so I grabbed my clay and paints and went to town. This is what I came up with, two Giving Trees.

They’re made from polymer clay and have been baked, painted and sealed. This is one of the first times I’ve worked with this clay so I’m somewhat pleased with how they turned out.

This Royal Blue Giving Tree is made of polymer clay by Studio. While the main color is royal blue you’ll see hints of silver, gold and deep greens. The ornament was hand formed, baked, painted, sealed then signed on the back. Its round size is 3 inches by circumference and includes a small hole for hanging.

The earth tone Giving Tree was made the exact same way but I decided to make the shape more leaf-like than circular. If you look closely you’ll see a tiny heart that forms at the top of the tree. This orni is even primarily toned but has bits and pieces of darker browns. I used black ink to form the tree and gold paint for the heart. It too has been sealed with a matte acrylic finish then signed and dated on the back.

What would you do with an ornament such as this? You can add this to a wind chime or any hanging ornamental sculpture. You could add a magnet to the back for a fridge magnet or simply add a decorative string and display it in a spot you find peaceful. The possibilities for The Giving Tree could be endless.

Please see my Etsy shop for prices and availability. The link is on the sidebar. Both orni’s have been SOLD.

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