A Little Bit Crafty, A Little Bit Zen

Question: If a neighbor cuts down his tree, will the artist in you hear it?
Answer: Yes, and she will make candle holders.

Not only will the artist make log candle holders she’ll grab polymer clay, hand shape a leaf and create a harvest themed ornament to lean against the holder.

I placed the holder on top of a square marble sheet which sits on my fish aquarium. Even though there are three holes drilled in the log I only added one golden-brown votive holder to it. I think I like the single candle best. I then added two tall candles with pond stones then placed Philodendron vines around it all. It’s not only pretty,  its relaxing.

Harvest Ornament details: A leaf-like shape shows three wheat stalks and a sun with reaching beams. One wheat stalk stems directly from the sun. The 4 x 3 inch orni was hand shaped and pressed from polymer clay. I baked it at 150 degrees then added a light adobe clay overlay. After that dried I added heavy pigmented inks then a light acrylic matte seal. The earth tone color scheme is bronze, chocolate, emperor’s gold and sap green.

The Harvest ornament display stems from my neighbor who cut down his tree. Thanks dear sir for sparking my creative fire.


2 thoughts on “A Little Bit Crafty, A Little Bit Zen

  1. You won’t believe where I got the texture for the orni. I was eating dinner and noticed a nice harvest scene on my dinner plate. The plate is glass with an embossed texture which is perfect for pressing a piece of clay over. I grabbed a CLEAN plate, pressed the clay over it and there you have it, a nice texture for the clay. 🙂
    Dinner turned crafty in an instant. Gotta love it.

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