I love clay especially when I can hand form something. I don’t have tools for clay work so I’m a bit limited. I still enjoy it but right now I’m uncertain how to proceed with this clay piece. I want to decrease the size of her nose and paint her either solid pearl or solid black. I’d like to give her a few more facial features as well. I guess what I’m concerned about is messing her up. I’m so new at this that I worry I’ll just jack her up so I suppose for awhile she’ll sit this way on my table.

2 thoughts on “One Prayer – Child in Clay

  1. This is amazing Austin. I have so much wanted to work with clay, but have zero experience and are totally intimidated by it. Every week I goto therapy and see the boxes of clay sitting on the shelves in my art therapist’s office and note that it’s there, but don’t say anything. Maybe some day soon I will… And I will have you to thank! πŸ™‚

  2. I don’t have any experience either and I’m also very intimidated by it, BUT its relaxing and a joy to work with. I look at the clay and think, I don’t want to ruin it so I leave it there but later I think, well, if it gets ruined I’ll buy some more and do it again. It’s an object I tell myself, not a cure for cancer. It won’t be that horrible if I jack it up.

    Here’s another confession…. I’m intimidated by the use of color. Many tell me I do a good job with colors but I’m usually very unsure of myself when using it. I suppose it’s a matter of pride that I keep doing it. I don’t like to be held back by “things”. These are just “things” that can be messed up without the world coming to an end, so I throw myself into them with no expectations other than joy.
    No masterpiece required, just enjoy yourself.

    Go for it Paul!!! You got this!!! Go for it!!!


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