Juliette in Cream is an handmade light skinned doll with extra long black hair. Her features are hand painted. Her hair has been hand sewn in and her dress has been hand sewn. She is made of 90% recycled materials including her soft plush insides, her shoes and the extra soft, textured yarn hair.

Juliette is about 11 inches tall. She’s wearing a cream colored dress with pink hand painted trim. Her little shoes are gold, her white socks have gold fabric glue trim. On her little cream dress is a lace doily collar with a tiny pink bow. Holding the lace doily collar in place is a tiny little button.

Juliette’s hair is extra long so that you can pull it to the side, pull it up or leave it down as you wish.

NOTED: There are a few small parts on this doll which include a small button on the back of collar, a small pink ribbon and tiny fabric paint/glue on her socks. Juliette’s dress can be removed and hand washed in mild soap.


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Faith-Magdalene Austin


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