The Art Treasury

My friend came over yesterday with well over $400 worth of art supplies. That’s a very conservative estimate once ya start to think of ALL that was part of the gift. My mouth fell open. I couldn’t believe it. I was stunned. My desk in the living room was covered in supplies for painting on glass for like making sun catchers. I’ve always wanted to do that but I didn’t really have the funds to venture off into that. I didn’t want to do little projects from the dollar store so I just left it alone. Now I’ve got an incredible video instructional and book along with all the supplies needed to learn to paint my own sun catchers. My artwork on glass, now that’s gonna be fun.

There are paints for fabric, paints for tiles, carbon paper, tracing paper, charcoal (black and white). I’ve passed up charcoal and its accompanying art tools more times than I can think of. I desired to learn but it was low on my agenda. It’s moved up now.

There are several mediums that I use regularly like crackle medium and floating medium by Folkart. She also included finishes and primers as well as about 40 or so new brushes and several different sponges and stamps.

If that wasn’t enough she included an entire beginners course of photo transfer. Everything I need to learn about transferring a photo to fabric, tile or canvas is in that course.

There were stencil making supplies, 50 new bottles of Folkart paint, a set to make my own inks from powder, empty squeeze bottles and spray bottles. The thing I loved the most was the book on how to paint flowers. Some might find it cheesy but, she included in this vast array of art supplies a book I’ve wanted for years. She included the book and video of how to paint flowers. The book and video were at the very top of my list of things that made me really, really smile. I’ve wanted that very book for a long, long time and thought I’d never get it. As a matter of fact I’ve not thought of it for awhile. Even though I went to Hobby Lobby recently and went down the isle where those books are, I did not even look.

You know how your heart wants something and thinks it’s pointless to dream about it so you don’t look at it cause it nearly hurts knowing you’re not going to get it? That’s how I felt about the book. Sounds pitiful but it’s true. I longed for that book. I wanted to learn to paint flowers.

I tried to take an online course of how to draw birds but no go. I need to see the book itself to follow. I was totally elated when I saw the book on flowers. She had no idea I wanted it. She said she nearly put it back thinking I’d find it silly. Boy was she wrong!!!! I can’t tell you how much that one gift means to me.

When I purchase yearly calenders I purchase ones with flowers or birds so I can see the pictures and practice drawing them. Those two things have me stumped and they’re two things I long to include in my work. Well, ya know, I think I will count myself blessed having gotten a treasury of supplies (some not even listed) with a cherry on top. I am completely and utterly amazed and beyond grateful. I just can’t get over it!!!!


2 thoughts on “The Art Treasury

  1. You know I’m about to have some fun! I just have to process it all ya know? I’m like, wow. I mean really, its a lot and I’m trying to digest that I’ve been given this treasury. I hit the jackpot, won the art supply lottery! My goodness. Fifty new bottles of Folkart paint and 40+ new brushes. What? I’m wowed is what I am, wowed! I couldn’t be happier. As I said on Facebook, the person who gave this gift is herself a gift to me. For me, she is the most special person on the face of the earth and she knows it.

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