On the Rise by SundripI’ve attempted to name this piece of art but I’m having difficulties. I see a main figure, a powerful leader with her hands out stretched giving encouragement, strength, maybe even reassurance. Every figure looks to her or is linked to her in some way. They look up, reach up and stretch far to hold her hands. Is she the center and balance or the distraction?

Can the others move on their own? Will their feet move freely if not linked so tightly or are they comforted by knowing they can rely on her out stretched arms?

What of her, this central figure? She supports but who supplies her with the ability to continue to lead? Will they hold her arms up if they ever tire? Are they the reason her arms rise now?

And there I’ve found my title: On the Rise

Yeah, I think I like that. It seems fitting. Why do her arms rise, what helps them stand, who helps them stand, for how long will she keep her arms out stretched and on the rise? Yeah, I think I’m feeling that! I guess it just took a little more thinking to bring its name forward.

Now that the painting has a name I’ll explain its medium and such. Acrylic and ink are the primary mediums on paper. I’ve used some drip paint techniques at the top and bottom. Those areas are light in color, free and open while the figures are tight, vary in deep red, purple and blues with contrasting yellow and green. Emerging or perhaps cracking the surface you see some of the white and blue background described as ‘free’.

There are many, many faces, shapes, tones and lines to the painting called On the Rise. She is without a doubt, complex.

Title: On the Rise
Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin
Medium: Acrylic, ink, crackle medium, paper 6 x 8 inches

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