The Reconstruction of Sundrip

There is a lot of restructuring to do as it relates to art made available for sale. There is a lot of work involved in just getting art on the net. It needs to be photographed or scanned then filed in individual folders. After that I have to resize, crop to show detail and mark them as the exclusive property of Sundrip. Then each painting has to be uploaded to my Etsy shop with appropriate categories and keywords. This can be a long and tedious process.

While I lay in this very spot for several months it occurred to me that art should be signed and sealed before it even hits the net. I should have pre-cut mounting boards and stabilizing cardboard. It would also be in my best interest to standardize art sizes. I was good for painting on just about any surface but that complicated things for me. If I stick to standard sizes for pre-cut boards I think that will be a great help in getting orders out faster.
And dang it, I need a stapler! I keep saying I prefer not to use one but I’m gettin’ me a stapler, now dang it!!

I’m going to strive to only work on art waiting to be completed, as opposed to starting a brand new piece only to pile it on top of an already overflowing stack of unfinished projects.

There’s been a lot of thinking going on during down time. Big changes need to be made. The quality of art increases with each season but managing orders leaves much to be desired. I have to get ‘my house’ in order so when my shop re-opens, it’ll hit the ground running.

One way I made it easier on myself was to abandon social media and Flickr. I can only do so much. I intend to focus on the art website (, where you are right now), my shop where original work is sold (Etsy shop) and the print shop ( Focusing on these is still a huge job.

There’s so much to do. There’s just so much to do.

Faith Magdalene Austin

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