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The compliment

What is the best compliment you’ve ever gotten about your work?

I purchased your art for an unborn child. It's her first art piece.

It gave me shivers and touched me deeply enough to make tears fall. Someone thought well enough of my art to make it a present for a child unborn. Does it get better than that? I'm not sure it does.

incredible image! …so good it’s frightening!

That's the kind of comment that tells me others speak my language. I said in color what I needed to say, and the viewer heard me.


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About Faith

SUNDRIP – Art for Life is a site that expresses in every media possible an intimate look into the life of a person living with major trauma. The issues addressed in art and writing include Dissociative Identity Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Lupus and CRSD. Despite these issues, I intend to move forward, through and out with honor, grace and creativity.

No need to feel nervous, comment if you'd like.

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