As Joe Schmoe recovers he’s getting away with murder. LOL This furry, green eyed boy seriously rules me.

Joe prefers the right side of the bed, well that’s also the side I want to sleep on. If he’s already sleeping there I won’t move him I’ll just sigh and grumble as I sleep on the left. If he’s sleeping comfortably on the blanket I’ll wait for him to get up.

When I was making all sorts of concessions and adjustments for the boy I knew then I’m wrapped around his paw, tightly.

I can get wrapped up in the blankets like a burrito hugging a pillow, but my zen moment will be interrupt by his paws walking across my back and over my head. He’ll ignore 3 other pillows just to try to fit himself in the crook of my arm hugging the pillow. Several times I’ve given him that pillow and hugged another only to have him find a way to be part of the moment. Lol

Joe, the Sundrip studio cat, is definitely improving since his stroke. He was so…. absent for awhile….. physically alive yet absent. It’s a relief to see his personality come out.

Joe is back to

  • thinking his food bowl is empty bc he ate a hole in the middle and he can now see the bottom of the bowl.
  • to standing half hidden behind a curtain in some creepy stalker way, observing me from a far, as I use the restroom.
  • Resumed his hobby of bombing Zoom meetings
  • and critiquing my art. He takes his job as studio cat very seriously.
Joe – Sundrip Studio Cat

I figure he’s going eventually going to be 100%.

My hard lesson has been learned.

Faith – Joe’s mom

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