The original sketch was done in watercolor but this painting done on 9 x 12 acid free paper is mixed media. In addition to heavily pigmented oil paints I used ink, silk flowers and white lace giving the painting a real life touch. Each silk flower is dotted with metallic gold paint, each white bubble is circled with blue metallic paint.

Tea at My House

You’ll see the stems glow in three layers of green on top of a swirling blue background. The tea pot itself is gold, brown and copper tones with a large pink and white flower. A closer look at the lace reveals bits of purple, pink and different shades of blue. This is a homey painting that would fit nicely in your kitchen or dining area. .

More details: Tea at My House is sealed to help preserve the vibrancy of the paint. It is signed and dated on the front. There’s a white boarder which allows for framing making the image size a full 8 x 10 inches.

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