I started out with several squares of clay and just sort of kept messing around until I got to a spot where I thought I might be on to something. When I realized I was on to something I punched it all down and started over. I formed the face with more features, added a shawl, lacy texture to the bottom of the dress, a hat and folder hands at her chest.

. . .. .  .

There’s a lot left to do on this sculpture. After adding more facial features I’ll sand and smooth more, then introduce bits of color before I seal her. I don’t want to put too much color though because I don’t want to overwhelm the piece. I’d like to keep her simple, let her speak for herself with her posture and facial expression.

. .

One of the best things about this sculpture is that she was done purely for fun. No pressure, no time frame, no real purpose other than to create with my own two hands.


Of course the plan was to keep her simple but that didn’t happen. Here is the finished version of Humble. She’s dressed in turquoise and gold and has a sunflower on her turquoise skirt.

So here she is, Humble in Polymer Clay.  SOLD

No need to feel nervous, comment if you'd like.