Polymer clay beads…because clay is fun.  ALL HAVE BEEN SOLD

I’m brand spanking new at clay works, especially polymer clay, boy is it different than natural clay. Seeing as how I don’t have a kiln then polymer is my next best option.

About 4 months ago my physical therapist suggested I build hand strength by working with clay. I was unable to start with clay but I did start with play dough and work my way up. Clay is great physical therapy and a great creative tool.

Seeing as how I like to change things up a bit I decided against using store bought stones but instead found small rocks from outside to place in the pendant bezel. Fun, fun, fun. All of these are hand painted and hand formed and all were a total blast right to the end.

You can see a few items in my Etsy Shop. Check the sidebar for the Etsy link.



3 thoughts on “Fun with Clay Beads

  1. jennifer moore
    hi i would love to order 2 of these pendants we think they are beautiful and would love to have them, your work is beautful.

    Hi Jennifer
    The pendants that you see here have all been sold. I’m sorry about that. I have been toying with the idea of making more. My confidence in them has grown so please do look for more in the future. You may find them here as well as in my Etsy shop at

    Thank you for coming to my site,
    Until again,

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