I was at my favorite store, Hobby Lobby, where they had a super sail on Polymer Clay. Instead of nearly $3 per tiny package I was able to purchase it at $1.25 each. I was thrilled and grabbed a few cream colored packages. The color didn’t really matter much because I was just going to paint it anyway but I wanted a light color. Cream it was. I went home thrilled.

Later that evening I turned the lights out to go to bed when I noticed 4 glowing squares on the table. Turns out I didn’t pick up cream I picked up neon. Dang it! Four packages of neon glowing polymer clay! Oh well I thought, I’ll deal with it. Mostly I made stamps to use for clay that doesn’t glow in the dark. I made a sunflower mold as well as a mold for a small figuring I’m working on. You can see her here.

After making stamps and molds I had a tiny bit of clay left so I shaped together a pendant 1 inch by a half inch. I think it turned out pretty well, only thing is, when you turn the lights out part of the pendant glows. This is the only one though, the others don’t glow in the dark. 🙂

Sometimes you just gotta laugh at yourself.


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