ancient pathwayI played. That’s how this painting came about, I played. This is a combination of handmade paper from India, a cut out, a sunflower and rubber stamps made by yours truly. I just started stamping and layering then came the elephant, the tall leaves and the sunflower.

I sat looking at the painting. I knew it needed a focal point then it hit me; light. I layered blue, white and yellow to create a beam of light that came from the sunflower to the elephant. It’s intended to appear that the elephant is drawn to it, walking steadily towards it.

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I decided to paint some of the lines created by my rubber stamps. Then it occurred to me that I could wet the paper and let color leak into the lines made by the stamps. A few strokes, here, a few strokes there, and the elephant was on the path his ancestors walked for thousands of years.

This painting has been SOLD.

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