I am uncertain what to say about these pieces of art. For much of the winter I was all but bed bound. I am better but somewhat in a depressed state.

There was very little I was able to do. My pain levels were off the charts. I usually turn to art to express emotions that are difficult to deal with or that linger. I can’t believe how many black pens I went through. At first I thought I was losing my pens because they were gone so quickly. I started to keep the dead pen bodies so I could make sure I wasn’t losing them and that in fact I was going through one pen a day. I really did go through a pen a day, sometimes more. That’s a lot of art. Much of it will never see the light of day but some of it will. I hope to get them posted over the next few days as my body allows.

Each pieces presented is 5 x 7 inches. These original art pieces have been signed, dated and sealed. I’ll get them in the shop as soon as possible.

Summons One and Two

.Summons1 fma  .Summons2 fma  .

The Community  and Comic


 .The Community  .Comic fma .


One thought on “I Am, Still

  1. Your is wonderful! You can see the intensity of your struggle expressed dynamically through the color and texture of your work. I really enjoy hearing your honesty of your struggle through your illness. Thank you for sharing .

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