My Pink Cat. Tea. Water Phobia Day 1

Jane gets a bath today. Thank goodness for the Maine Coon in her or I’d need medical attention after. She still has all her claws and a fang. She does just fine with water. No fighting, no death threats or plans to assassinate me later…It’s quick and simple. I dry her with an extra fluffy towel, brush her a bit then let her go.

She sulks some after she’s seen her beautiful fur flat against her body in rat style. That’s when I get the look, you’ve ruined my fur. I trusted you!!!! Look at me. I look like a rat. Just cause you have bad hair doesn’t mean I have to…. She grooms in a panic but still looks like a rat-cat thing, then she goes to sleep. That’s how bath day has always been for little Jane.

Now that I’ve written it all out it seems like a lot of work. Maybe I’ll just take a nap.

The reason for the bath is the difficulty I’m having giving with the second round of antibiotics. Her chest is somewhat stick…and pink, from meds gone wrong. She’s fighting me this time. I’ve got the thing to squirt it in her mouth but I’m not as coordinated this time. The first round it was a perfect shot to the back of the throat. She looked shocked like she wasn’t sure what happened but then she was like, “Where’s my food? I know I’m gettin’ some salmon for this. I didn’t even get venison last year. I heard tuna steak is on sale this week.” Now she’s wearing half the meds but still wants the food treat.

One would accurately conclude that the presence of water is more of a hardship on me than Mary Jane. It feel it might be wrong for liquid self medication before I bathe the cat. I like the color pink antibiotics on her chest. Perhaps they’re just a reminder to try harder to get it right …. twice a day for the next two weeks…….. huh, my gracious.

It’s gotta be a cloth situation. She hasn’t had a bath in a good long time. I try to do it once a year but um, I still have to get a shower and I need to clean the pan from last night where I burned the most wonderful tea. I thought I turned the range off but I didn’t and the bottom of that pan is black. I know how to get it out (lemon juice, baking soda) but the point is, water and dark stuff = phobia. Day one of working on the phobia is today. I can put off the cat bath by using a cloth but my small stock pot for making tea can’t be left that way.

I am shooting for the first week to mid March for Janie’s dental surgery. The need is still at $159.00. Details of the Fang Fund are on the sidebar.  No cat food is needed at this time. I made certain to stock up. Thank you.

February 18, 2017 – 5:32pm EST

Update: 9:40 pm The small stock pot who called the kettle black is now perfectly clean. I took a foot bath while waiting for the lemon juice and baking soda to do their thing.