New Little Frog Friends

I ordered two Tomato Frogs and received them today. Yesterday I didn’t care that these babies were on the way but now that they’re here I’m thrilled.

These two are about 2 months old and are both male. I wasn’t sure what to name them but I got suggestions from two people I’ve known for some time now. ☺. So I’d like to introduce Heinz and Forrest Austin. I would have said “Forrest Austin of Sundrip Journals” but it feels like a little too much. 😂

I wanted to get close ups of both but I don’t want to pick them up right now. They’re so fragile and I could easily transfer harmful oils and such to their rather delicate skin, so I’ve only got photos of one.

This little guy is so active, just picking off isopods and springtails, left and right.

He’s been around the terrarium a few times and is doing just great. His brother Forrest is more shy on his first night. Hopefully I can get some shots of him later.

I’ve still got my 4 Australian Tree Frogs in their terrarium. They’re doing great, too.

Of course Joe Schmoe is here, too. He’s gotten so very loving. He makes me smile. Such a good guy.

Although I hoped for a female frog of some kind, any kind at all, it appears I’ve got 7 sons. 🐸