Tea at my house

“Tea At My House” is the newest entry in my sketch diary. This particular teapot sits on my China cabinet beside dry flowers and few homemade candles in brass holders.  I purchased the pot for a dollar at a second hand store.

This particular sketch diary/journal is dedicated to everyday moments such as tea before bed, doing routine stretches as well as sitting in front of the fireplace. There’s nothing profound, nothing of earth shattering importance in these here pages yet, I find comfort when looking at these everyday steps captured in color.

Mixed media: Metallic watercolors, ink, colored pencil
Art by: F. Magdalene Austin

4 thoughts on “Tea at My House

  1. Hello there. I really enjoy your art. This pic is my fav because I sip on my Chamomile tea throughout the day, it helps a lot with panic and anxiety attacks. I used to love Cellestial Season’s ‘Tension Tamer Tea,’ but it seems they have pulled it off the shelves. Bummmer. Hope all is well. Drop me a line love..

  2. Hey. Would you mind if I posted your photo on my blog for my ‘Natural Anxiety Soothers’ post. Of course I will add a link back to your blog.. Thanx

  3. I remember that tea by CS. That was good stuff. I haven’t had it in years though. Now I just use dried Chamomile flowers in reusable tea bag. I add a tiny bit of honey which makes it wonderful.

    Yes, you can use the photo with my link. Thank you very much for asking in advance.
    I kind of liked this one myself so I started an oil painting of it. The one pictured is in a 4 x 4 book which means it has a crease down the middle. The oil painting is 9 inches by 11 inches…… no crease 🙂

    My plan for the little sketch diary was to record every day moments. I wanted to capture routine things that eat up our day like feeding the fish, sipping tea or doing stretches. Capturing everyday activities as an art form seemed like a fun little project. I think the next little 4 x 4 book will be nothing but flowers. I like themed stuff.

    Thanks for dropping by,
    Faith-Magdalene Austin

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