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Watch Over Our ChildrenIt usually doesn’t take me 7 or 8 days to complete one painting but it looks like this one will need even more time. Seven days now but I’m getting closer.

The painting shows a young African-American child walking through a field of sunflowers and wildflowers while being guided by an older Black angel.
Painting Details: The sky and flowing water meet and roll around her skirt into a field of flowers. There are two small butterflies floating above a sunflowers, one single white daisy. The child has small green leaves as trim for her clothing and is holding a tiny little flower.

I believe the final version will make a slight distinction between the sky and water. I may also add a few tiny details to the adult angel but other than that Watch Over Our Children is nearly completed.


Ah yes, it sometimes takes awhile but the end result is worth it.

Watch Over Our Children (final)

The colors have been changed dramatically as were the flowers but I like this version best.

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2 thoughts on “Watch Over Our Children

  1. How can you possibly even consider that you may be an emotional bully and create such beautiful, inspiring, and soothing images???

  2. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I intend to put a print of this in my hallway. Why not put a peaceful path in the one area that leads to everything else in my house? It seems like that’s where it should go.

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