Garage Sale Gone WrongWe all know one, love one, a person who can’t walk away from a garage sale. She’ll turn the car around in the middle of the street or leap over fences to grab a cheap doodad.  There we are spectators in her compulsion. Helpless to stop her we choke on the dust she leaves behind as she dives for that very special doily.  Thirty-five cents, a quarter, the sound of such words makes her drool. Will she ever stop? Is there help for her? Will there ever be a Garage Sale Support Group for people addicted to other people’s junk sitting on the side of the road? If there is such a group surely they can help the woman in this painting who totally lost control when the homeowner extended her sale by one day.

Title: Garage Sale Gone Wrong
Art by: F. Magdalene Austin

*Currently available in greeting card form on Redbubble. See my sidebar for the link.*

2 thoughts on “Garage Sale Gone Wrong

  1. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! Abstract and figurative at the same timeI Especially love the background’s balance between the pattern and solidity of the mixed media and the fluidity of the paint. I didn’t even know people could work so cloyingly anymore. Perchance will there be prints of this made? If not could I cajole you into there being prints of this one?

No need to feel nervous, comment if you'd like.