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Rochelle’s Dream – A Tin Foil Painting

. . A little Caribbean girl’s dream is played out on 4×3 inch tin foil. The foil was allowed to keep its “wrinkled” shape which adds texture and character to the piece. Painting Details: Gold leaf dress, brightly colored headdress, small black ponytail, tall white flowers, blue and purple sky, big yellow sun and a […]

African-American Rag Doll Art ART GALLERY Originals Rag Doll

Yasmine, African-American Plastic Bag Holder Doll

SOLD Earth Friendly Description: Micro-fiber hand made dress from sage colored recycled sofa throw. Hand formed clay pendant on hand strung beaded necklace. Handmade earnings, yarn hair from up cycled winter scarf. Hand drawn, hand painted facial features. Specific  Stats: 22 inches long, dark green and brown eyes, sage colored micro fiber dress with cream […]

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Sculpted Child in Clay

I love having a ton of projects all at once. Sometimes it feels like too much but other times it motivates me, keeps my spirit flowing. Recently I’ve been able to finish up several projects that sat on the back burner while I dealt with life. Life happens fast sometimes then it clams just enough […]

African-American Rag Doll Black Children Originals Rag Doll

Mariah, African-American Ragdoll

Mariah, the Handmade African-American Rag Doll is now available in my shop on Etsy. Please see the sidebar for the Etsy link. SOLD Mariah was hand painted using oil paints which were allowed to cure. I then hand drew her facial features and painted them in acrylics. Her clothing is upcycled and includes a hand […]